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We have the technology, if you have the money. Viva la singularity”.

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Yeah, I am getting back into 2D. 3D is dead. Augmented is over. It’s just fucking background noise. It’s just fucking TV and Twitter and all… this- “ He waves a dismissive shadowy hand at the rave behind them. “It’s all this shit. Disposable, infinitely fucking copyable digital noise. Mass-produced and instantly forgotten. 3D is over.”

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3D printers. Instant designs. Everything is too easy. Disposable. Copied and deleted. Digital and ephemeral. Easily forgotten.

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Bristol was drowning. The drizzle had turned into torrential rain, alternating black and white droplets falling from the heavens. As they hit the forest of decaying architecture they splattered it with toxic paint; acid burning into concrete as clouds of suffocating fumes filled the war-torn streets. With an insidious clanking and scratching the beetles started to emerge from the gutters and alleys in their thousands, mouths turned up to the sky to drink in the poisonous rain...

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It was the inevitable consequence of living solely with people who had decided to dedicate their lives and careers to the virtual. They were companions only due to some seemingly outmoded geographical and economic meatspace necessity, and they all understood it, ever aware that however close they may become to one another, all their true friendships and allegiances lay elsewhere.

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Marcus had always tinkered and hacked away at any hardware or software he could get his hands on; making the games harder or easier, finding ways to cheat, finding – somehow – the online source code so that he could customise them. And not just games. When the hardware manufacturers and network providers wanted to augment-up Cuba and the paranoid government said no, together with a small group of fellow hackers he even set up Havana's first Spex AR space, from some thrown-together Google Earth data and strategically hidden, citywide, pirate radio style WIMAX routers. It would have been enough to have put him in a re-education centre for two years had he been caught, but the only people who ever knew about it loved Marcus – and the way he managed to feed their tech-lust cravings – too much to ever breathe a word.

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