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Table of Contents

Part One: The Peculiar Nature of Cities

The uses of sidewalks: safety

The uses of sidewalks: contact

The uses of sidewalks: assimilating children

The uses of neighborhood parks

The uses of city neighborhoods

Part Two: The Conditions for City Diversity

The generators of diversity

The need for primary mixed uses

The need for small blocks

The need for aged buildings

The need for concentration

Some myths about diversity

Part Three: Forces of Decline and Regeneration

The self-destruction of diversity

The curse of border vacuums

Unslumming and slumming

Gradual money and cataclysmic money

Part Four: Different Tactics

Subsidizing dwellings

Erosion of cities or attrition of automobiles

Visual order: its limitations and possibilities

Salvaging projects

Governing and planning districts

The kind of problem a city is


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