From charlesreid1

Kali Software

I was using Kali Rolling with gqrx to talk to the SDR receiver. To get all the software working, just install gqrx:

apt-get install gqrx

To address problems with the sound card, check Kali/Fixes

HackRF Hardware

The HackRF hardware is from Great Scott Gadgets. More info at HackRF.

The setup was to have the HackRF talking to gqrx. When you run gqrx, you can set the bandwidth (on the HackRF, up to 10 MHz. I just picked 2 MHz for testing.)

Everything Working Together

Here's a quick video of everything working hunky dory: here I'm using Kali Linux to tune in to a Seattle-area repeater, WW7PSR, on 146.960 MHz.

HackRF to Tune to 2 Meter Repeater from charlesreid1 on Vimeo.