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Linux Distros

The wiki page on Andys Ham Radio Linux has info

Circuit Design

Very nice software for circuit board design:

Example in action:


cheap implementation of it:

available for implementation:

Digital modes

Dixprs: software for APRS internet gateway and digipeater:

30 m packet demodulator:


Utilities designed to make ham life easier:

Big List

From here: most of this software costs $$$$$

Just the RF and microwave software:

  • simsmith
  • cocoanec - design and modeling of antennas
  • amici - audio spectrum analyzer/tracking generator, analysis of baseband signals
  • aaplot - rig expert antenna analyzer
  • wcalc - transmissionline structures
  • cocoamodem - modems for some amateur radio modulation modes
  • vsim - 3d electromagnetics simulator
  • mininec - version of nec software for antenna analysis
  • appcad rf and microwave tools - calculators for xmission lines, transistor bias, cascade noise analysis, transistor desgin, etc. Runs well via Wine or CrossOver on mac
  • rf toolbox - tools for electronic design, not just rf
  • fastercap - small/med scale digital/analog ICs
  • filter designer - design for butterworth, chebyshev, bessel lumped element filters
  • smith chart - many many different types of plots
  • matchmaker - rf impedance matching software for capacitors, inductors, transmission lines, etc
  • trance analyzer and impedance calculator - impedance of microstrips, coplanar traces, etc.
  • hspice waveform viewer - for engineers running HSPCIE simulations. transient or ac simulation results
  • s-parameter explorer - network representation in microwave engineering
  • rf engineering calculators - web based
  • atlc - arbitrary transmission line calculator for transmission line properties
  • amanogawa - applets on transmission lines, electromagnetic waves, antennas
  • XFdtd release - EM simulation software using FDTD based models
  • comsol - free and pay versions
  • emgine - 3d electromagnetic field simulation, solves transient maxwell's equations
  • oscium's wipry combo - rf power meter and spectrum analyzer (power meter = 100 MHz to 2.7 GHz, spectrum analyzer only 2-3 GHz)
  • mxrspur - helps solve problems with spurious mixers/spurious responses

NOTE: most of these programs are not free/open source software, many are crapware outfits that charge $20 per program and sell a hundred programs